Hernia Repair

At Surgical Services of Athens, one of our expert surgeons will examine your hernia and determine what course of action is needed.

What Is Hernia Repair?

A hernia is an unpleasant condition where an organ pushes through the muscle or tissue holding it in place, such as part of the intestine protruding out of the abdominal cavity. People affected typically notice a bulge protruding in the affected area. While some hernias may not create any problems, they are often painful and some can lead to life-threatening complications. In these cases, hernia repair is necessary.


What Is Hernia Repair Needed For?

The condition mentioned above, where the intestine passes through the deeper layers of the abdominal wall, is called a ventral hernia. If the incursion is near the groin area it is called an inguinal hernia. A hernia that results from an improperly healed surgical wound is called an incisional hernia, while one that occurs near the umbilicus (belly button) is referred to as an umbilical hernia. There are other types of hernias, but these are some of the most common. While all hernias may not be symptomatic, If your hernia is causing you extreme pain or you have symptoms such as fever or vomiting, you may need urgent surgical treatment. Hernias do not resolve on their own or with medication. Surgery is the only option.

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What Can I Expect From Hernia Repair?

At Surgical Services of Athens, one of our expert surgeons will examine your hernia and determine what course of action is needed. A number of tests, including CT imaging, may be required to identify the exact type, size and location of your hernia. If you are a good candidate, we may be able to perform laparoscopic repair, which requires only a few small incisions to locate and repair the hernia. This will allow you to recover from your hernia repair much more quickly, with a lower chance of infection.

Hernia Repair in Alabama With Surgical Services of Athens

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