If you are suffering from a severe or chronic hemorrhoid problem, come to Surgical Services of Athens.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

You’ve probably seen a lot of ads about on TV about hemorrhoids. If you’ve never had one, though, you might not be clear on exactly what they are. They are actually tender lumps of engorged vascular tissue in your rectal area. They form when veins either on the inside (internal) or outside (external) of your rectum and anus become swollen. Often, they go away in a couple of weeks. You can usually treat them with over-the-counter medication and supplements. These can make your stools smaller and softer as they pass through the hemorrhoids. However, if these measures do not improve things, or if your condition leads to significant bleeding, you may require surgery.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

These unpleasant formations usually develop due to excess pressure in the lower rectal area. Contributing factors can be being obese, heavy straining when evacuating, chronic constipation, frequent heavy lifting or eating a low-fiber diet. In contrast, losing weight, eating more fiber and in general adjusting your diet can reduce your chance of developing hemorrhoids.

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How Do I Treat Hemorrhoids?

If over the counter medications, dietary adjustments and patience do not do the trick with your hemorrhoids, you may have to deal with them surgically, especially since they can lead to blood clots, infections and other complications. If you suffer from a severe or chronic hemorrhoid problem, come to Surgical Services of Athens, We will examine your hemorrhoids to determine if you are a good candidate for surgery. We offer several types of surgical intervention, including a modern type of hemorrhoid surgery called THD that is minimally invasive and that we can perform with less pain and shorter recovery time.


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