Cancer Surgery

Surgical Services of Athens performs surgical intervention for colon, breast, soft tissue, skin and other malignant conditions.

What Is Cancer Surgery?

Cancer surgery is the removal of cancerous or potentially cancerous tumors and abnormal tissue from the body through an operation. Cancerous tumors can appear in any organ, but more commonly occurs in the skin, breast, colon, or lymph nodes. The cancer often must be surgically removed to avoid spread to the adjacent tissue, and to prevent the original tumor site from metastasizing, or spreading throughout the body.


When Is Surgery Needed?

There are a number of different reasons for surgery. Exploratory surgery is the search for potential cancer, either in an area where it is suspected or adjacent to an area where it has already been found, to check for spread. A biopsy is the removal of part of a growth or tissue in order to test it to determine if cancer is present. Of course, there is also tumor removal, in which a cancerous tumor is removed, along with surrounding tissue if possible in order to prevent spread. 

Some of the more common cancer surgeries we perform are breast cancer surgery, including lumpectomy (tumor removal but breast sparing) and mastectomy (breast removal), skin cancer surgeries with concomitant sentinel lymph node biopsies, colon resections for colon cancer, and lymph node removal for diagnostic benefit.

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What Can I Expect During Surgery?

Surgical Services of Athens performs surgical intervention for colon, breast, soft tissue, skin and other malignant conditions. We strive to maintain close coordination with your oncologist on a regular basis. As all cancers are different and require different procedures, we would schedule a surgical plan and discuss your anticipated outcome prior to surgical intervention. Some surgeries may be done as an outpatient, such as most skin cancer surgeries. Some breast cancer surgery may require an overnight stay in the hospital. Colon cancer surgery typically requires multiple nights in the hospital. If your malignancy is very uncommon and requires the expertise of a national or major tertiary care facility, we will work on your behalf to get you into an appropriate facility.

Cancer Surgery in Alabama with Surgical Services of Athens

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