Unwanted Fat

If you struggle with excess unwanted fat, schedule laser liposuction treatments at Surgical Services of Athens.

What Is Unwanted Fat?

Although many may seem to be in a constant battle with fat, some fat is healthy. Our body needs fat to provide energy and keep us warm. Pregnant women need extra fat to protect their child as it grows. However, there can be “too much of a good thing,” and excess, unwanted fat can be unattractive and lead to many health issues.

What Causes Unwanted Fat?

There are many reasons why you may be carrying more fat than you would like. The leading culprits are poor diet and lack of exercise. However, there can be many other contributing factors including genetics, age, hormonal imbalances, a recent pregnancy or medications. If you are struggling with excess fat that is not responding to proper diet and exercise, there are medical interventions to help.

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How Can Unwanted Fat Be Treated?

One of the most popular medical interventions for removing excess fat is liposuction. This is literally a vacuuming away of fat cells. For some people, the idea of this can be intimidating. For this reason, at Surgical Services of Athens, our own Dr. Seth Rayburn performs a much more appealing procedure called Smartlipo. Smartlipo is the industry’s leading laser liposuction system, which is highly effective and minimally invasive. 

Laser lipolysis works by using a special laser to target specific fat cells, coagulating blood vessels as it goes, which results in less bleeding and allows the area to firm up after the volume loss from removed fat cells. This provides a big advantage over ordinary liposuction, where patients may see more bleeding and often have significant loose skin to address after the procedure. This procedure is an excellent option for targeting problem areas, which often do not respond to diet and exercise.


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