Non-Healing Wounds

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What Are Non-Healing Wounds?

Non-healing wounds are injuries where internal tissue has exposure to the external environment that do not heal within 4-8 weeks. We may also refer to these as chronic wounds. In most cases, the body’s natural clotting and healing mechanisms will close a wound. With more serious wounds, traditional medical interventions, for example, stitches and bandages, are usually sufficient. If a wound is not healing, it can lead to serious problems. These can include deep or systemic infection and blood loss, requiring more intensive medical intervention.

What Causes Non-Healing Wounds?

Contributors to non-healing wounds can include a compromised immune system, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease (narrowing of the arteries carrying oxygenated blood to the area of the wound), venous congestion (insufficiency of the veins which carry blood back to the heart), heart issues and other health conditions. Each wound may have a combination of factors interfering with the healing process. Bigger wounds, such as a major laceration or avulsion, will be a greater challenge for the body to heal.

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How Are Non-Healing Wounds Treated?

How we will treat your non-healing wound will depend on a variety of factors. These can include the type of wound, how long you have the wound, what treatments have been already tried, and what other health factors are at play. At Surgical Services of Athens we utilize advanced techniques to promote healing of acute and chronic wounds including, for example, biologic-based skin substitutes, skin grafting, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment. We provide services for inpatients at the ALH hospital, and for outpatients at our surgical office as well as at the Advanced Wound Care Center, in coordination with ALH.


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