Advanced Wound Care

We are fully trained in utilizing advanced techniques to promote healing of acute and chronic wounds including skin substitutes, skin grafting, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

What Is Advanced Wound Care?

An open wound is defined as any injury, whether external or internal, that leaves internal tissue exposed to the external environment. A closed wound is when tissue is damaged and bleeding occurs under the skin, such as in the case of bruising. Burns are also a type of wound. In many cases, one can treat an open wound at home, or with a minor outpatient procedure. However, in cases where the wound is chronic, such as in diabetic foot ulcers, or particularly traumatic, such as a large laceration, or involves deep infection or avulsion (tearing away of the skin and tissue), more advanced care may be required. Advanced wound care may involve the application of skin substitutes, placement of skin grafts or other surgical intervention, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


When Is Wound Care Needed?

There are a range of wounds that may require wound care. Some of the most common acute injuries include abrasions (where the skin scrapes against a rough surface), lacerations (a deep tear like a knife wound), avulsion (a tearing away of the skin such as might occur with a dog bite or in a car accident), punctures (holes in soft tissue), and incisions (surgical cuts, either intentional or accidental, that can damage nerves or muscles and result in heavy bleeding). Any of these, if serious enough, could require professional wound care. 

Chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, arterial ulcers from peripheral vascular disease, and pressure ulcers may benefit from surgical treatment of the wound, in addition to treatment of the underlying conditions which led to the wound in the first place. 

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What Can I Expect From Wound Care with Surgical Services of Athens?

Our wound care efforts are directed toward treatment not only of the wound itself, but in chronic wounds, the underlying causes of the wound. Our goal is to close the underlying wound as soon as possible, either with surgical intervention including debridement, application of skin grafts or skin substitutes, or promoting natural healing with a myriad of possible dressings. Often, wound care involves a weekly intervention until the wound closes. We are fully trained in utilizing advanced techniques to promote healing of acute and chronic wounds including skin substitutes, skin grafting, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment. 

All three surgeons have had significant burn care training and experience at the Arnold Luterman Region Burn Center in Mobile, Alabama. We provide wound care services in the hospital setting at ALH, at our regular surgical office, and at the Advanced Wound Care Center in coordination with ALH.

Wound Care in Alabama with Surgical Services of Athens

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