At Surgical Services of Athens, we can often use laparoscopic techniques to repair your hernia with minimal invasiveness.

What Is a Hernia?

A hernia is the name for a condition where an organ protrudes abnormally through tissue or muscle that is supposed to hold it in place. You will probably notice an uncomfortable bulge around the affected area if you have a hernia. While small hernias may not lead to symptoms, some hernias can be quite painful. Moreover, in some cases, they can be very dangerous and may warrant hernia repair.

What Types of Hernias Are There?

There are many different types of hernias. The ones we most commonly treat include, for example:

  • Ventral – where your internal abdominal tissue such as fatty tissue or even intestinal tissue protrude through the abdomen.
  • Inguinal – where the invading fatty or intestinal tissue is near the groin area around the inguinal canal.
  • Incisional – the result of a previously healed surgical wound that has partially reopened in the deeper layers.
  • Umbilical – which develops at the umbilical site (belly button).

Any of these can require repair, especially with symptoms like nausea or fever, or if the pain is unbearable. There is no useful, non-surgical method for dealing with this issue.

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How Does Hernia Repair Work?

At Surgical Services of Athens, we can often use laparoscopic techniques to repair your hernia with minimal invasiveness. We use a small camera and specialized instruments. This means we only need to make a few small incisions to access your hernia and make the repair. This procedure should resolve most of your pain and, because it is minimally invasive, you should recover and be back to normal activities fairly quickly.


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